The Lost Warhols – Portugal Collection

16th March 2018
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The Lost Warhols – Portugal Collection

The story

“The concept began on a whim in 1982. Bystedt, then a student at NYU, was working on a book of top male models of the time. Impulsively, she cold called Warhol who, to her surprise, agreed to a rare portrait-style photo shoot in the conference room of his New York studio, The Factory. It was a unique opportunity that was largely set aside, until in 2011, Bystedt discovered the negatives and restored 10 of the images. Now living in L.A. and a fan of urban art, she wanted to use the Warhol portraits in a relevant contemporary way. She began collaborating with street artists to create works blending pop art and graffiti art genres. The collection created a buzz in the art community and became known as The Lost Warhols.

In 2016, Omey Projects founder and owner Kelly Murtagh contacted Bystedt. As an urban contemporary art consultant, Murtagh was certain this concept would work in the Algarve. She met with management at Vilamoura World, who shared her vision to produce a culture event for residents and visitors to the luxury resort. The Lost Warhols: Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura was the marquee event of Summer 2016 in the Algarve.” in Portugal Confidential

The collection

The Lost Warhol’s collection is composed by ten pieces of original artwork (each measuring 69×69 cm) beautifully framed in the SUGI frame, a sustainable Japanese cedar frame especially produced in São Miguel, Azores. The  works are collaborations between Bystedt and Add Fuel, By Beau, Draw, Time, Filippo Fiumani, King Saladeen, Kruella, MAR, Maser and Tamara.


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